Danny and the Therapist & Comic Book

Teaming up with playwright Tom Block and Sanctuary’s director-at-large Katrin Hilbe, we are proud to present a night of two one acts.

Danny and the Therapist shows a man in therapy who loses control of his session.  First, the therapist changes place with him and forces Danny to listen; then Danny’s wife enters and takes over the scene.  She divulges a story of infidelity.  Danny pulls a gun, trying to regain control of his time, but the gun does not work.  

Comic Book looks at a space of last resort, a room where the last survivors of some imagined Armageddon have been called.  Sterling weaves a compelling tale about the end of time and the beginning of myth.  Wallace the poet and Lethe the mother are there.  A homeless man wanders into the scene.  Two orderlies appear and seem to indicate that they are in control.  The others tie them up.  The homeless man becomes a doctor.  It might just be a mental hospital.