Mission and History

Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre is a NYC company of artists for playwrights. We work with writers to grow their plays to meet their ambitious visions. Our core artists, trained in advanced physical techniques and composing processes such as Moment Work, multi-form improvisation, Suzuki and Grotowski methods, provide a strong performance foundation that lets playwrights expand and explore their creative ideas, opening the door for critiques and custom tailoring of new scripts.

We specialize in modern work that pushes imaginative boundaries, and are committed to making fun, amazing art that extends the live theatre experience to thrilling effect.

In its 12-year history, Sanctuary created and commissioned new work by playwrights Kia Corthron, Lisa D’Amour, Sheila Callaghan, Adam Szymkowicz, Caridad Svich, Jason Grote, Sung Rno, Bob Jude Ferrante, and Lloyd Pace, collaborating with visionary directors such as Sarah Benson, Anne Kaufman, Liesel Tommy, Lear DeBessonetCat Parker and Katrin Hilbe.

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