5/28 The metaphor is a metaphor for the metaphor

The sixth iteration of our revamped lab series series was met with cries of joy and and cheers across the New York Theatre community… Okay, well maybe just happiness and enthusiasm from 3 playwrights, 8 actors and 1 managing director!

Our very own Rachel Halper was this week’s master of ceremonies. She lead us through a series of imaginative new plays – each with rules totally unique to the world of the play.

Bob Jude Ferrante brought back the first act of a play we’ve seen in lab before – Dash Combs bringing to life the motherly and feminine Mariam, in a surprise gender bending casting in “The Three.” Bob has only ever shared the first act of this play with us, I’m waiting eagerly to see if the next section answers the questions about this world that I’ve developed watching the first act.

Tom Block introduced us to “Danny and the Therapist.” The audience never went
3 minutes without laughing, as the actors were as surprised as the characters whenwe were asked to accept constantly shifting rules. Patrick Bolger, as Danny, managed to pull us along on this delightfully chaotic roller coaster.

Greg asked us to look at the potential of actions we didn’t take in “Interim.” The distraught Albert, portrayed by Will Young, is forced to look as the other side of the coin as two otherworldly being turned Insurance Salesmen arrive to save is life.

We’ve had a very fulfilling and fun week. I certainly hope to see all of our guest actors and playwrights again. Core Artists Adam Perabo and Dana Jesberger were away this week working on other projects, but will be back soon to once again grace our studio with their warmth and energy!