We Are Now: Original Cast Album out now on iTunes

The We Are Now cast album – songs from Sanctuary’s live immersive Fall 2012 show – out now on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-are-now-original-cast-album/id680920574?ls=1

The Songs:

1. 2020 Parts 1 and 2 Patrick Ryan Bolger, Vocal & Jason Perlman, Guitar and Vocal (feat. Adam Perabo, Vocal, Alex Dagg, Vocal, Dennis Brito, Vocal, Hila Naus, Vocal, Katherine C. McDonald, Vocal, Nilla Watkins, Vocal, Lois Dilivio, Bodhran & Dana Jesberger, Vocal)
2. Ministry Loop (w/ Ministry Jingle) Jason Perlman, Guitar and Vocal & Alex Dagg, Voice
3. Mollys Movement Lois Dilivio, Vocal (feat. Alex Dagg, Trumpet)
4. Love Train Dana Jesberger, Vocal (feat. Jason Perlman, Guitar and Bodhran, Alex Dagg, Vocal, Rachel Halper, Vocal, Hila Naus, Vocal, Adam Perabo, Percussion & Lois Dilivio, Bass)
5. You Are Jason Perlman, Guitar and Vocal (feat. Rachel Halper, Vocal, Dana Jesberger, Vocal, Adam Perabo, Vocal & Patrick Ryan Bolger, Jaw Harp)
6. The Prophecy Patrick Ryan Bolger, Vocal (feat. Alex Dagg, Trumpet)
7. Dinner Time Dennis Brito, Vocal and Rhythm Spoons
8. 2020 (Reprise) Katherine C. McDonald, Vocal & Nilla Watkins, Vocal
9. The Movement Theme Jason Perlman, Vocal and Bodhran, Adam Perabo, Vocal, Rachel Halper, Vocal & Dana Jesberger, Vocal
10. So Say I Rachel Halper & John Prestianni, Piano
11. Finale (Metky Proflacticato) Patrick Ryan Bolger, Lead Vocal & Adam Perabo, Lead Vocal (feat. Lois Dilivio, Guitar, Rachel Halper, Vocal, Dana Jesberger, Vocal, Jason Perlman, Vocal & Alex Dagg, Trumpet)
12. Ministry Loop Reprise (w/Ministry Jingle) Alex Dagg, Voice & Jason Perlman, Guitar and Vocal
13. Tom’s Lullabye (Hidden Track) Dennis Brito, Vocal (feat. Lois Dilivio, Guitar)